Hundreds of people gather to celebrate 20th Reintegration anniversary of Walvis Bay

WALVIS BAY: Hundreds of people from across Namibia gathered here on Saturday to celebrate the 20th Reintegration anniversary of Walvis Bay to Namibia.

Walvis Bay was under South African rule even after Namibia became independent in 1990.

The harbour town and a string of off-shore islands were only reintegrated into Namibia on 28 February 1994 after negotiations between the South African Government, Namibia and the United Nations Security Council.

The event coincided with the belated 24th Independence celebrations of Namibia at a packed Kuisebmund football stadium.

The Minister of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture Jerry Ekandjo, who was the main speaker, standing in for President Hifikepunye Pohamba, said the event also served as a classroom for the youth to learn the history of the town and country.

Ekandjo reminded the audience that the celebrations are held in honour of the freedom fighters who are living today and those who have passed away.

He said since independence, the government of this country has established policies that deal with the improvement of the living standards of its people, adding that they are aware of the challenges faced by Government in delivering services, but everyone should face the future with confidence and determination.