’I Want Him to Explain Why He Did This’

LAST year, Relestencia Mameisa Dihore (24) fought another woman over a man and was stabbed with a broken bottle – almost losing an eye.

Today the same man she fought over, has landed her in the Katutura State Hospital after he stabbed her with a panga on Saturday during a drunken argument.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Dihore broke down in tears as she narrated how the 39-year-old man had earlier assaulted her on Tuesday, and left her with a black eye after she had lost his phone while they were out drinking.

Dihore, who does not recall what led to the panga attack because they were both drunk, sustained cuts in the head. Although the police report says she was slashed several times, Dihore said she was slashed only once.

“He borrowed the panga from his brother because he wanted to clean the yard. I don’t know how he got hold of it because we were outside in the street,” she explained. “I just saw myself lying in a pool of blood. I thought I was dying.”

Their neighbours rescued her and called the ambulance. She now has to go for an X-ray to determine the damage to her head.

Dihore said her boyfriend is the breadwinner and that she dropped out of school while in Grade 10. They dated for four years and moved in together in 2012, and the violence started last year.

“I want to see him so that he explains why he did this to me,” Dihore said, expressing disappointment in him. She also said she hates him and does not think of forgiving him.

Dihore said her boyfriend’s ex attacked her in April last year when they met in Katutura. She said the 50-year-old woman had argued with the man and then attacked her when she turned to walk away.

Today, Dihore has an ugly scar that runs down over her left cheek.

Although she opened a case against her assailant, she was never arrested because her boyfriend – the only witness – never came forward. Dihore said because of this experience, she lost faith in the police.

Despite the fact that the abuse has been escalating, Dihore said she has never opened a case against her boyfriend because she does not want to stand in court as a witness and she also said he is “a good guy” but alcohol affects him negatively.

“He is a good person, it’s just the alcohol. We share the little that he gets,” Dihore said, adding that some of her friends aised her several times to leave him, but she keeps on going back.

She also said she goes back to him because her relationship with her mother is not good and she cannot depend on her for a living.

“Me and my mother do not have a good relationship. It’s just a hi, how are you,” she said.

This time though, Dihore said she will not go back to him because all she feels for him now is hatred.

She said she will go to her grandmother’s farm in Gobabis where she grew up.

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the attack and said Dihore refused to lay charges against the man who is currently on the run.

Kanguatjivi however said the police will still open a case against the accused.

Source : The Namibian