ID Theft Case Postponed

The case in which Ndinelago Nambele, Wilbard Antsino and Michael Ndashaala are charged with fraud and forgery was deferred to March 18, 2015, to allow for further police investigations.

Yesterday’s postponement in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court is also to allow Ndashaala to obtain legal representation.

The trio stands accused of forging someone’s ID.

It is alleged the photograph of the owner of the ID was replaced with that of Nambele, however, the owner’s name remained unchanged.

It is further alleged Nambele used the fake ID to obtain money from a cash loan and also to create a fake bank account.

Nambele was arrested after police were tipped off that she was in the process of transferring the money from the fake account into Antsino’s account allegedly to purchase cattle from Antsino.

The money concerned is N$25 700.

On Tuesday, Nambele was granted bail of N$2 000 on condition that she does not commit another offence while out on bail.

She was also ordered not to interfere with the witnesses, especially the bank officials, and she must report herself to the investigating officer or any other officer in the criminal investigation department at the Oshakati Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

She is also not permitted to leave the district of Oshakati without the consent of the investigating officer.

She was warned to stay away from Bank Windhoek at Etango Complex as well as its main branch.

Ndashaala is in prison for other convictions.

Antsino was denied bail earlier into the case and is remanded in police custody.

The trio appeared before magistrate Helena Ekandjo, while prosecutor Petrine Hango represented the State.

Charmaine Tjihero of Dr Weder Kauta and Hoveka law firm represented Antsino.

Source : New Era