Iindangungu road claims another life

IINDANGUNGU: A Toyota Hilux pick-up overturned at the Iindangungu village on the Ondangwa-Oshikango main road on Saturday, killing a 17-year-old boy, died on the spot.

The deceased was a Grade 7 learner at a junior primary school in Ondangwa.

Nampa understands that the vehicle lost one of its rear tyres, causing the driver to lose control over it.

The rest of the four occupants sustained slight to serious injuries and they were rushed to the nearest local hospital.

“They were travelling from Omhito village in the Okongo area (Ohangwena Region) to Ondangwa after the school holidays,” the mother of the deceased boy, Frieda Amunyela, told reporters on the scene after the accident.

Amunyela, who is also the owner of the vehicle, lives in Ondangwa where she is employed. She rushed to the scene of the accident from Ondangwa after receiving a call informing her about the accident.

“The driver and three of the passengers are all members of my family,” she noted.

Four other people died on the same road earlier this month after two sedan vehicles, a Volkswagen Polo and a Toyota Corolla, collided head-on about three kilometres away from this latest accident scene.