Iivula-Ithana Upcoming Musician?

THE Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana (above), has given a hint of her singing skills in a promotional video in which she leads artists and officials from her ministry.

In the music video – uploaded on the video sharing website YouTube this week – Iivula-Ithana croons alongside leading Namibian artists and staff from her ministry.

By yesterday afternoon, the video that was shot as part of the home affairs ministry’s campaign to improve service delivery under its turnaround strategy, had been viewed 2 140 times, liked 16 times and had 10 dislikes.

Titled ‘Ministry of Home Affairs Turnaround Strategy’, the video also features Afropop artist Tequila, D-Naff (who is also employed at the ministry), commissioner of refugees in the ministry Abed Nkrumah Mushelenga (another part-time musician) and Nancy Muinjo (the minister’s personal assistant who previously attempted a singing career), among others.

Wearing a yellow jacket and blue scarf, Iivula-Ithana shows a more relaxed side, as she proudly appears first on the video saying: “Introducing to you, what we do, when we do what we do”.

The song boasts of the ministry’s achievements and says their service has become faster and better.

The artists sing about the ministry and the importance of national documents, amongst other things.

One commentator wrote: “They had the time to make this little video but not the time to actually do their jobs at the home affairs office. Their slogan should be ‘Namibia’s most inefficient service provider’,” while another, John Haihonya had praise for the song, writing, “I will support anything that says ‘Namibia stand up’.”

Muinjo posted a response on YouTube to all those criticising the song, saying “… I think we are missing the point here. The ministry has officially launched its turnaround strategy, which aims to tackle the problems the nation has been facing with regard to the ministry, especially tackling the issue of service delivery. I understand that a lack of service delivery has caused frustration, yet we hope in 18 months, we will all have something good to say about home affairs. You will be seeing results soon. Hang in there. This song signifies the beginning of change at home affairs”.

Speaking to The Namibian, Tequila said she was always happy to work on a project such as this one.

“My colleagues know that I’m a song writer and I have worked on projects for the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and the Roads Authority. It’s a very good thing and is supposed to educate people,” she said. She however refused to reveal how much she earned on the project. “I cannot reveal that, it’s private”, she said.

Despite posting the video on YouTube for the entire world to see, all efforts to get comment from Iivula-Ithana were futile as the minister was said to be in meetings all day yesterday, according to her personal assistant. She was the only appropriate person to speak about it.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on Wednesday last week launched its 18-month turnaround strategy. Under it the ministry promises to link the national population register in all 14 regions to the main server by 2017, reduce the waiting period of permit applications from 90 to 30 working days by next year, and establish five new ports of entry by 2016, in addition to reducing the period of citizenship application by 2017.

Source : The Namibian