Illegal Dumping Taking Over Rundu

RUNDU, the capital of Kavango East, appears to be drowning in its own refuse as illegal dumping of waste continues unabated, especially in the informal settlements whose population continues to grow.

The town’s chief executive officer, Romanus Haironga, has blamed the situation on the lack of funds to clean up the informal settlements of Sauyema, Kehemu, Ndama and others, where refuse dumping at the illegal sites is rampant.

According to some of the residents, the informal settlements have between four and seven dumping sites with the largest being in Kehemu.

They accuse town councillors of failing to stop waste dumping or to remove the waste from those sites.

Haironga said the problem is worsened by people who continue dumping rubbish in undesignated areas.

“Those dumping sites are created by people who illegally dump rubbish there. We do not have dumping sites in Rundu,” he said.

He, however, said his office was looking for ways to resolve the matter since the town does not collect refuse in informal settlements but only in the suburbs because of lack of funds.

The CEO further said the town only has one refuse collection truck for the suburbs only. Last year, the town only managed to buy six street refuse containers but these are still not enough to cater for the growing population in the town.

“We are having trouble collecting refuse because of the few resources at our disposal. This year’s budget is not enough to address the garbage issue. Unless we get the necessary funds to buy more trucks and street containers, we will continue to experience these problems,” said Haironga.

He revealed that the town recently implemented a waste management by-law to educate people on dangers of illegal refuse dumping. However, community members still need to be educated on how it works.

Source : The Namibian