Incestuous Rape Suspect Granted Bail

A 38-year-old man accused of raping his stepdaughter last year was yesterday granted N$1 000 bail in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court.

The suspect Fillipus Angula appeared before magistrate Helena Ekandjo, while prosecutor Petrina Hango represented the State.

Although the accused was initially denied bail, yesterday the State proposed that the accused be granted bail of N$2 000 which his representative Jan Greyling of Jan Greyling and Associates said was hefty and convinced the court to reduce it to N$1 000.

Greyling indicated to the court that his client’s bail be reduced because he only earns about N$1 000 a month from a fruit and vegetable stall he runs.

Greyling also said since his client has been in custody since August 12 last year his business has not been operational.

Greyling however agreed to the conditions proposed by the State, adding that instead of the accused reporting himself to the Oshikuku police station only on Fridays, he can as well do so every Monday.

Angula was granted bail on condition that he does not interfere with the complainant directly and indirectly, as well as the victim.

He should also report himself to the police every Monday and Friday.

In addition, the accused was warned that while he is on bail he should not commit similar offences.

The matter was remanded to March 3 for further police investigations.

In another domestic violence related case, on Monday Joseph Alweendo was granted bail of N$1 000.

Alweendo is charged with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Alweendo pleaded with the court to grant him bail because he has been in custody for two years.

He was warned not to interfere with the complainant whom he is alleged to have been involved with in a relationship.

Given his bail conditions Alweendo asked the court to authorize he be escorted by police to collect his belongings from the house he shared with the complainant.

“I want to be escorted by the police to collect my belongings because I live together with the complainant,” said Alweendo.

Still in Oshakati, 28-year-old Venasius Teofilus was denied bail last week. Teofilus is charged with assault by threat to cause grievous bodily harm.

State prosecutor Petrina Hango opposed bail for Teofilus because it is a serious matter.

The complainant is Teofilus’ ex-girlfriend.

The matter was remanded to February 26 but he was informed that he could apply for a formal bail hearing.

Source : New Era