Indongo Toyota and Omulunga Radio Set Off On a Journey

Indongo Toyota have recently entered into an agreement with Omulunga Radio, which sees the business giant sponsoring the station with two brand new Toyota Etios sedan vehicles.

According to Quintin Kotze, the managing director of Omulunga Radio: “It is a wonderful privilege to be associated with a company like Indongo Toyota that has such a g reputation in the market place. Of course the Toyota Etios are of high quality which brings even more delight to this excellent association”.

Hans Steinkopf, the dealer principal of Indongo Toyota, was equally satisfied with the arrangement. “With Omulunga Radio covering most of Namibia, and being such a dynamic aertising medium, it was easy to choose this avenue to display not only the great product that we sell, but also to carry the name of our dynamic company, with all its back-up services, throughout our wonderful country.”

Besides normal duties that vehicles perform on a day to day basis, these Toyota Etios will be used for outside broadcasts all over the Namibia.

Source : The Namibian