Industrious Pensioner Shows the Way

In Mpungu Vlei in Kavango Region you’ll will find 69-year-old Loyise Hamunyera Nairenge who says she won’t give up sewing just yet, as she still has a passion for being busy despite her old age.

Loyise was a nurse in her village until she retired in 2006. After she began her nursing career in 1970 she continued sewing during her spare time, if not going into the fields or to church.

“I used to sew part time. I would sew clothes for my kids and grandchildren and at times some other lucky people. I’ve now opened up my full time sewing place after I retired, having been a nurse for over 40 years,” says Loyise also known as Onesa Royise

Loyise makes mainly baby clothing, baby carriers, traditional attire, boys and girls clothes and even gear for adults and according to her sewing makes her feel alive as she knows that she is “doing something unlike some people who only waste their time at cuca-shops”.

“People especially the youths shouldn’t just waste time at cuca shops drinking their lives away but should focus on doing something rewarding and work to get food. If you sit idle you will suffer and later blame the government for everything,” she said.

“The youth are just drinking, and later fight with their partners and that is why passion killing is sometimes happening in some villages and even here because by doing nothing the youth lose focus,” she said.

“I won’t give up my sewing until I am unable to continue – at least by sewing I get to buy my coffee and sugar,” she said with a smile.

Loyise operates from a small building in Mpungu known as”Ko Muramba” and she is assisted by two girls who offered to work with her.

Loyise urges the youth to get a life,make a difference, wake up, pull up their socks and become someone in life.

Source : New Era