Industriousness Prevails Over Aersity

Despite the increasing job scarcity many resolute unemployed people are undeterred and usually find ways to make a living.

The youth are particularly inspired and refuse to sit idly at home waiting for non-existent jobs.

One such individual is promising young entrepreneur and Tina Investment and Accessories business owner, Vilho Nangolo (30).

“My company was registered and fully operational in 2008. I worked from home in my own backyard, where I did odd welding jobs. I do welded machinery such as mahangu crushers, hammer mills as well as burglar bars for houses,” he said.

The proud father of two girls shared the reasons behind his company’s name. “I chose the name Tina because it is my mother’s name and also that of my first born daughter who is now four years old, my second child is also a girl named Luise and at two years she is the newest addition to my family,” Nangolo says with a smile.

He decided to go into business instead of waiting for opportunity to come knocking at his door after he completed his studies at the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT), where he undertook a course in welding and bricklaying.

Today the business is growing g but he has leaned more towards farming and agricultural products such as feeding troughs, water troughs and hay stands for animal feeds.

“I decided to concentrate more on agricultural products because my business is after all located in the heart of the Maize Triangle, many people have livestock and need trailers to transport their animals be it cattle, sheep, goats, pigs or even horses from one place to another for various reasons,” said Nangolo.

Like all companies big or small, Tina Investment and Welding Accessories, has problems, like the the lack of resources.

“Although customers are not a problem we do not always have the resources we require such as funds or sponsors and more often than not, the money we make is reinvested back into the business,” he added.

Another problem Nangolo mentioned was the equipment he owns has become obsolete. “I have bought a few machinery but it is not enough to keep up with the fast changing technological aances. “There are always better, faster machinery that can do the job much quicker, which is a good thing because in our business time is money. “Spending a long time on a single project is not good. However, money to keep buying new equipment is simply not there,” he explained. Widely purchased products include neck clamps for animals, followed by trailers and bakkie rails.

Nangolo is also doing his best to address unemployment among other youth as he hires people from the streets who have the knowledge and skills, but found themselves unemployed because their companies shut down.

The company currently has five employees including Nangolo.

Source : New Era