Ingo Finishes Fourth in Second Leg of Africa Eco Rally

Ingo Waldschmidt, Namibia’s enduro rider, finished in fourth place during Stage 2 of the Africa Eco Race.

The 6 337 km endurance race started on 31 December 2014 in Nador, Morocco. It will cross Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal over 12 stages to end in Dakar – almost a repeat of the route used for the original Paris-Dakar rally.

Waldschmidt is among 29 bikers, 10 truck drivers and about 130 car racers and their teams. He is the only Namibian taking part in the endurance race.

He participated in the South American Dakar event as the first Namibian in 2009 and finished 52nd in the motorbike category. During the 2011 race, he completed at the 38th position while during 2013 he completed at position number 44.

Last Thursday, participants had to cover 525 km from Tagounite to Assa in Morocco.

The Africa Eco Rally was initiated five years earlier and largely follows the route of the former Paris-Dakar Rally, which was moved to South America in 2009 due to security threats.

Source : New Era