Inmates Stab Police Officer, Fellow Prisoner

A POLICE officer is fighting for his life in the Katutura State Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after he was allegedly stabbed 14 times by two inmates on Wednesday evening in the Katutura Police Station cells.

Katutura Police Station commander Chief Inspector Ismael Basson confirmed the incident yesterday saying an inmate, Sidney !Ganeb, was also in hospital after being stabbed during the attack.

Basson said Constable Johannes Andreas (32) was doing normal rounds and distributing medication to inmates when he was attacked by two suspected murderers, Ruddy Raudenbach and Amon Phiri, at around 23h00.

“He was attacked from behind by Raudenbach and Phiri. After attacking him, they stole the cell keys and escaped through the front door of the police station. The other officers on duty then chased after them but they got away,” Basson said.

He added that the police worked around the clock and re-arrested the suspects, who are now back in custody.

“They are back in the holding cells. We arrested Raudenbach around 01h00 this morning (yesterday) in Otjomuise while Phiri was arrested in Katutura’s Nama location around 05h00,” he added.

Hospital sources also confirmed that Andreas is in a very critical condition, while his wife Kristofine said the family is shocked and hurt by the incident.

“It’s just so tragic to see him lying like that. We just pray that God saves his life,” Kristofine said, sobbing.

Basson told The Namibian that the police found !Ganeb yesterday morning and that he had lost a lot of blood.

“He told us he was threatened with death if he said anything to the police,” Basson said, adding that they are investigating some of the police officers suspected of working in cahoots with inmates to smuggle drugs and weapons into the cells.

Meanwhile, relatives of detainees at the Katutura Police Station cells claimed they were not allowed to bring food for them yesterday. Basson, however, denied this.

As for the fate of the two escapee suspects, Basson said they will be transferred to other holding cells but theywere still in the same cells yesterday.

Sources said other inmates were living in fear of the two after the stabbing of !Ganeb.

Last month, The Namibian witnessed police carrying out a search in the cells at Katutura Police Station cells where they discovered cell phones, drugs and various other items smuggled in by inmates.

Source : The Namibian