Integrating Youth Into the Economy

MANY of Namibia’s young people that are currently not employed tend to have the sickness of sitting at home and wait for the government or any employer to knock at their doors and offer them jobs.

Most of us probably read the newspapers every day to look for aertised vacancies that we qualify for in order to apply. Well, nothing is absolutely wrong with that, but what if we do something more than just waiting for someone to aertise for a job who for that matter might not even know that you exist rather than you going out there and create opportunities for yourself.

We as the youth should come up with concrete plans of creating jobs and not sit at home and wait for someone to make plans for us. We should go out there and use all the platforms available in order for us to integrate ourselves into the economy through income generating projects. The start is not always easy and no one had an easy start into business today. Doors will be closed, people will turn their backs on you and some might not even listen to your story but the secret is once you put your heart and mind to something you will never fail. You need to encourage yourself and do more for yourself than waiting on someone to do something for you. Those who criticise your plans have no good intentions for your current being. Let the critics build you and not break you. Don’t think that you are a failure and even if you fail at something always fail with enthusiasm and always never be scared to take risks.

As a young Namibian you should approach the relevant authorities who can assist you in order for you to start your own business and start generating an income. The issue of unemployment in Namibia can only be addressed if there is an increase in job creation and that can only be done through empowering the nation especially the youth to take heed and involve themselves more in the process of job creation than being job seekers. We should discourage the tendency of exporting raw materials and rather focus on manufacturing finished products locally. This will boost our economy and create more employment opportunities and increase our GDP. This however can only be achieved if we as the youth become more eager and adjust our mindsets to develop a winning attitude.

All young people at home with no jobs and those with business interests, go out there and create opportunities for yourselves. Let’s all join forces and fight unemployment.

Paul Set is a 21-year-old Veterinary Medicine student.

Source : The Namibian