Itatu to Donate and Celebrate Birthday With Hospital Kids

Indongo Itatu will be donating some snacks and groceries as well as celebrate his birthday with children in the Katutura State Hospital, Ward 5 on June 26.

He says he is targeting these children who are less visited or don’t receive visitors at all, and those who are abandoned by their families and cannot take care of themselves. Itatu adds that this comes from his heart to show these children some love and to make them feel special that they have people who loves and care about them “wholeheartedly”. “I will also be eating my birthday cake with these kids. The donation won’t affect me or my life, I am a poor man with nothing, but I believe in giving and caring. God created me to take care of his people where I can,” says Itatu.

He will be making the donation under his organisation, the Indongo Itatu Annual Donation (IIAD), dedicated to children.

Source : New Era