ity of Windhoek’s annual Ae Gams Arts and Cultural Festival to be held from 01 to 05 April

WINDHOEK: The City of Windhoek’s annual Ae Gams Arts and Cultural Festival will take place from 01 to 05 April this year.

It will be held under the motto ‘Diverse Culture – One Vision’, the City of Windhoek’s Manager for Corporate Communications, Marketing, Tourism and Customer Care Joshua Amukugo said during a media briefing in the capital last Friday.

He said this year’s festival will be bigger and better through the assistance of various organisations.

Amukogo said the City realised that it was time to revise the festival strategy and for the past two years, it has been working on a project with the assistance of the North-American Destination Marketing (NADM) and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) bodies, commissioned by the Namibia Tourism Board and designed to refresh the festival to attract both the local community and tourism alike.

He said the festival strives to emphasise the important role of arts and creativity as a means of expression and understanding, and the enhancement of the quality of life of the residents of Windhoek.

There are a number of activities scheduled for the festivals, including the festival’s opening show; a youth pavilion; visual arts demonstration and exhibitions; cuisine day; dance productions; theatre and drama productions; as well as arts’ talks.