Jericho’s Latest Album a-Must-Have

Local hip-hop sensation, Jerome Gawanab, popularly known as Jericho, latest album, is probably one out of many albums I would spend my last dollar on.

The album, Let me be me, has a g, nostalgic trance about heartbreak, relationships, personal struggles and self-questioning. On Let me be me Jericho is not afraid to express his anger towards society’s judgments, his enemies and friends’ betrayal. On this track he features RampB star Ponti with his soothing voice chorusing.

Track 2, Caravan of love, featuring Bertholdt Track 3, Am I Dreamin and Track 4, You don’t have to worry ar about his previous and current relationships as well as lessons he learnedfrom his past relationships. Track 5, I’m still here, featuring songbird, Sally, I would say is the highlight of the album. He breathes life into it from the start.

On the hit single, I promise, Track 10, Jericho proves that he is clearly a g musician who is able to hold on to his spot and that’s enough to keep anyone dreaming for a while. Los my uit, featuring Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) from South Africa is one of those feel good songs that anyone can rock too.

It goes without saying that Jericho is one of best local Hip Hop artists who knows his game, the way he never exclude his mother tongue DamaraNama in his tracks makes him inconspicuous. From a production perspective, the tracks all boast some quality and rounded beats. However, and maybe not so surprisingly, the gest instrumental here is without a doubt the ‘I promise’ track which definitely knocks the hardest.

Overall, Let me be me is a hard album, so a tip to all the Hip Hop heads and music lovers out there, this is a must have album. The album is available at Antonio’s Art.

Source : New Era