Joseph Nghiitete Wins Taxi Award

Obeying traffic rules, driving safely and sticking to the speed limit within the city are but some of the regulations that resulted in Joseph Nghiitete winning this week’s Top Taxi Award.

After a quick interview at Radio Kosmos recently, Nghiitete got his winnings of N$3 000 cash prize from Standard Bank Namibia and an emergency medical toolkit from Namibia Medical Care.

In the photo are deputy City Police chief Adam Eiseb, marketing manager of The Namibian, Lizah Bezuidenhoudt, Standard Bank’s PR and communications manager Surihe Gaomas-Guchu, taxi driver Joseph Nghiitete, NMC representative Gerson Kamatuka, Luton Koorts from Kosmos Radio and Shoprite regional manager Linton Whittaker.

The weekly Top Taxi Project competition facilitated by Radio Kosmos 94.1 has been running since its launch on 9 April and will end on 9 December 2014.

Source : The Namibian