Journalists Get a Grip of Sustainable Land Management

JOURNALISTS will be able to effectively and accurately report on issues of sustainable land management if they are properly trained to understand this concept.

This was said by a senior official in the Kenyan Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. Alice Kaudia stated that reporting on sustainable land management, and environmental issues in general, is very important but that the topic has been receiving limited attention in the past.

Through their reporting, she said, environmental journalists will help educate the public on the importance of environmental protection, including sustainable land management.

“Accurate information lies in understanding the concept,” she added.

Kaudia officially opened a three-day media training on sustainable land management in the Kenyan capital, which was held from 14-16 June. Journalists from central, eastern, southern and west Africa were in attendance.

The objectives of the training were to enhance skills for investigative journalism in sustainable land management, to create a pool of international experts journalists reporting regularly about land degradation, desertification and drought and to increase coverage about challenges of land degradation, desertification and droughts as well as the benefits of sustainable land management.

Absalom Shigwedha is a freelance environmental journalist.

Source : The Namibian