Jreij: Government’s resignation is not constitutionally admissible

October 29, 2015 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Information Minister Ramzi Jreij said that the government’s resignation is not constitutionally admissible and legally binding since it requires a decree to be individually signed by the president of the republic.

“In the absence of the President, there is no constitutional authority to accept the government’s resignation,” Minister Jreij was speaking in an interview on Thursday to the state-run Television “TL”.

The Minister also noted that with the mere occurrence of a vacancy in the presidential post, the powers of the President instantly move to the government.

“In this case, the government cannot put an end to the exercise of such powers except with the election of the President of the Republic,” Jreij said, pointing out that such resignation is inappropriate in political terms.

On the other hand, Jreij hoped that the concerned officials would reach a solution concerning the transitional period in the trash dossier, indicating that the “waste scene manifested in the wake of the rain is dreadful and shameful.”

He also underlined the dire need for the activation of the government’s work, in a way to address the daily living matters of citizens, with its work based on the mechanism adopted by Premier Salam, notably consensus.

He also ruled out Kataeb Party’s inclination to request from its ministers to resign, underscoring the paramount role of dialogue as the sole means to realizing rapprochement amongst the Lebanese spectrum and agreeing on common denominators.

Turning to the media role at the current stage, Jreij said he backed media liberties and investigative media leading to accountability, yet he opposed any media free of limitations and based on defamation.