JS Academy Incorporated in Tura Magic

MTC Premiership giant killers Tura Magic have adopted the popular Women’s Football League champions JS Academy into their football structures.

The incorporation follows months of discussions between the two entities on the best way possible to marry the clubs in an effort to garner better value for both.

As a result of the marriage, JS Academy will now be known as Tura Magic Ladies and will compete in the Women’s Super League.

Tura Magic Ladies will, however, retain their team management structure which will report to the Tura Magic Board that currently oversees operations of the men’s team and the club’s youth academy.

Plans are also at an aanced stage to introduce a girls section in the academy. The decision resonates with the club’s desire to offer equal opportunities to boys and girls in terms of football development.

Club chairman Peter Nakurua said the decision to go unisex should be seen in light of football development in the national context.

“We are thrilled about this development because we believe it holds the promise of great things for the club and for local football in general. There is much talk about the lack of development in our football, so we felt we should do our small bit to lay the foundation for development,” charged Nakurua.

Over the longer term, obviously depending on progress in the football department, the club plans to establish alliances with netball, volleyball and athletics clubs around Katutura to create a platform for growth.

According to Nakurua, establishing such partnerships will afford the club a larger membership base for greater visibility and better chances of revenue generation. “It is common knowledge that there are older, established clubs in Namibia, even in Katutura where we are visible.”

He added that these clubs have loyal supporters whose loyalty has been affirmed over many years of their existence.

“It is difficult to lure them away from their beloved clubs that’s why we deem it important to employ other expansion models that will make us an influential player in the local sports arena.”

He however added that there are no shortcuts to success and to attain the set objectives would require hard work from the players and management.

On her part, founder of JS Academy, Jacqui Shipanga, said: “The main reason we decided to partner with Tura Magic is because we share the same philosophy in terms of youth development. The aim is to give youngsters (boys and girls) the ideal opportunity to grow instead of focusing on the well-established and experienced ones.”

Source : New Era