Judeel Wins Bank Windhoek Angling Competition

The seventh Bank Windhoek NBAA (Namibian Bass Angling Association) National competition took place at Oanob Dam near Rehoboth last weekend.

Former Ramblers and SKW footballer Reinhardt Laggner won the competition, followed by Jacques Swart in second place while Sonita Pienaar, emerged victorious in the ladies division.

The competition saw two anglers catch five fish limit, despite the normally very difficult fishing conditions at the Oanob Dam. The biggest bass weighed a decent 3.11 kg and was caught by J P Judeel, who finished seventh on the overall standings.

The full results read as follows:

liReinhardt Laggnerli
liJaques Swartli
liNeels van Tonderli
liLourens Delportli
liRichard Grantli
liDuan Kotzeli
liJ P Judeelli
liMax pieperli
liHendrik Pretoriusli
liAlec Williamsli

Source : New Era