Junior Councillors Learn About Tourism

The City of Windhoek Junior Councillors for 2014 and 2015 undertook an expedition to Naankuse Lodge outside Windhoek on Saturday to get a taste of local tourism.

The tourism awareness trip started on Friday at the Windhoek Show Grounds where the 21 junior councillors visited different tourism exhibitions as part of sensitizing and enticing their interest in tourism.

The young councillors, who are from different schools in Windhoek, saw how different animals, including carnivores (lion, wild dog and cheetah) are fed and how they behave in front of human beings.

According to the City of Windhoek Tourism Officer, Gladys Capuyan, the main tourism awareness session took place at Naankuse Lodge, where tourism stakeholders directly engaged the young leaders in discussions on the basics and importance of tourism and the role it plays in the economy.

The councillors were given tasks and taken through various activities such as role-playing receptionists, tour guides, house keepers, bar tenders and waitresses, amongst others.

The junior mayor, Wilmari Horn, said it was a good platform for the learners to be taken outside of the classroom to experience different activities happening around the country.

Source : New Era