Junior Teams Prepare for Zone Six Games

The national Under-20 football teams are hard at work as they prepare for the year-ending regional sport festival, the Zone Six Games, which will be held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe from 4-15 December.

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) as custodians of football are preparing the men and women’s teams for the Games but on Thursday morning only a few of the men’s team were in training at the NFA Technical Centre under the watchful eye of coach Turipamue Upi.

The technical team has called up 20 players but on Thursday only 10 turned up while others will join later this month due to examinations and other educational commitments.

Coach Upi further explains. “We would love to have all the players here and prepare thoroughly with all of them but we have the responsibility to ensure that our footballers take education seriously and we understand what they are up to. Education comes first and if you have an educated footballer, he or she will always have other options in life, as we know life after football is not easy.

“We have to do with those that are here. Sometimes you have a bigger group in the afternoons and that is good but time will tell how we can prepare and have a well-prepared team. As coaches, we will do our best to find the right combinations and ensure the players are ready to compete,” said Upi.

The team is a mixture of Under 17 players who represented Namibia at the Four Nations Tournament in Swakopmund during the Easter break this year, while others emerged from the Skorpion Zinc Cup played in August.

Due to join the team by next week are star striker Jandjamuje Maharero and midfielder Hiha Katjivena, as well as another student at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, Bofatius Paulino, who plays for Tuks Football Academy.

Belgium-based Matheus Hamutenya is due to only join the team by 4 December and the technical team are due to make a final decision on him, while Mesutuje Ngunovandu is ruled out with an ankle injury he sustained last week at training.

Manchester United McGyver, Pandeni Kandjambanga, Paulus Abel, Brendon Kotungondo and Giovanni Nauseb were among the ten players at the Thursday morning session. – nfa.org.na

Here is the full list of the 20 called up players:

Donovan Gainub (Tura Magic), Abel Paulus, Mesutuje Ngunovandu and Giovanni Nauseb (all Otjiwarongo FC), Jandjamuje Maharero, Hiha Katjivena, Venovineja Tjikundi, Johannes Kwedhi, Juumlrgen van der Byl, Leonard Tuhafeni (all Ramblers Academy), Katiti Hakuria (Rebels FC), Collins Amukwaya, Pandeni Kandjambanga, Manchester United McGyver, Brendon Kotungondo (all NSSU), Yuani Beukes (Pro-kids FC), George Hummel (SKW), Matheus Hamutenya (Belgium), Bofatius Paulino (Tuks FC, SA) and Baloyi Tsandib (Benfica FC).

Source : The Namibian