Kahenge Constituency Councilor warns people who exchange mahangu for alcohol will be named, shamed publicly

KAHENGE: Kahenge Constituency Councilor Joseph Sikongo yesterday warned people who exchange their mahangu for alcohol that they will be named and shamed publicly.

The councillor of this constituency in the Kavango West Region said he is disturbed by reports of some villagers who harvest their mahangu, and then go directly to local liquor outlets to exchange it for traditional brews known in Rukavango as ‘Mundevere’ and ‘Kasipembe’.

Mundevere is an addictive traditional brew made from sorghum, while Kasipembe is made from mangetti nuts.

The months of April and May are periods when most subsistence farmers in these regions harvest their mahangu and maize crops.

Sikongo thus issued a stern warning to those swapping food for alcohol to refrain from such practices.

He told Nampa in an interview on Wednesday that the Kahenge constituency office is designing a form which will be distributed to the Village Development Committees so that they could register the names of those who are trading mahangu for alcohol.