Kalahari Holdings Assists Needy Schools

Kalahari Holdings yesterday donated two computers and one photocopy machine to Mureti Secondary School in Opuwo in the Kunene Region.

Kalahari Holdings also donated a computer to Kanana Primary School which is also located in Opuwo in the north-west Kunene Region.

The value of the donations is N$ 27 000.

Principal of the Mureti Secondary School, Julius Kaujova said he was delighted to receive the donation on behalf of the rural school.

“We sent requests to companies all over the country, they were almost 100 companies and only Kalahari Holdings responded positively therefore we are very happy he said,” he said.

Also speaking at the handing-over ceremony the General Manager of Kalahari Holdings, Etuna Nashima said as part of their corporate social responsibility programme they were ploughing back into the community. “Kalahari Holdings prides itself as a partner in the socio-economic development of Namibia particularly in the education sector,” said the general manager.

Kalahari Holdings is involved in various business ventures and among its diversified business portfolio includes property development, farming and entertainment among many others.

Source : New Era