Kalimbeza residents protest against ‘inferior roadwork’

KALIMBEZA: Some 100 community members in the Kalimbeza area took to the streets yesterday to demonstrate against ongoing Government funded roadwork, which they are claiming is inferior.

The demonstrators first petitioned Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu at Katima Mulilo before proceeding to Kalimbeza, where they read out their grievances to officials of the Nexus Group, which is upgrading the Namalubi-Isize-Luhonono road to tar.

The road is being upgraded so local inhabitants will no longer be cut off by floodwaters from the Zambezi River and the project is expected to be completed in 30 months.

The demonstrators, led by Mulife Musweu, accused Nexus of failing to employ locals who could have assisted in identifying spots where the company could erect bridges and put up culverts on the 22 kilometre gravel road situated along the flood-prone plains.

Employing locals could bring improvement to these areas since they are the people who have physical knowledge of the ever-changing environment of the flood plains, Musweu said.

Accepting the petition, Sampofu said his office is aware of the issues and grievance of the community, adding that he is engaged in talks with the Roads Authority (RA), which is the appointing authority of road works in the country.