Kambueshe Wins Swakop By-Election

SWAKOPMUND’S now former mayor, Juuso Kambueshe of Swapo, buried his three challengers in Friday’s Swakopmund constituency by-election by getting 2 621 votes (or 62% of the 4 238 votes cast) thus making him the successor of late Germina Shitaleni who died of cancer earlier this year.

Magrietha Hochobes of the DTA got the second most votes (762) followed by UDF’s Marius !Uwu-Gaeb (497 votes) and Uahimisa Kaapehi of Nudo (358 votes).

Of the approximately 29 000 registered voters in this constituency only 4 238 (or about 15%) exercised their democratic right to choose their representative on the Erongo Regional Council. Although polling stations closed at 21h00, several stations had been quiet for hours before the cut-off time with some stations said to only have attended to about 50 voters. Most voters went to stations in Mondesa and Tamariskia before work in the morning and after 17h00 when they finished work.

“On a micro scale this election was free and fair and a clear reflection of the voters’ choice. It is hard to say why there was such a poor turnout though. Maybe it was because it was a normal working day or maybe because it was the end of the month, We hope this does not happen in the next major election in November. Political parties will really have to work harder to get their people to the polls,” said Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) director professor Paul Isaak to The Namibian at the end of the election process at 01h00 Saturday morning.

He added that the technical aspect of this election was a “tremendous improvement” compared to the Presidential and National Assembly election held late last year although ECN will continue to train staff and the electorate on the use of the electronic system and the voting process.

The announcement of Kambueshe’s victory was received with jubilation of supporters at the closing venue at the Tamariskia town hall.

Kambueshe’s victory however came as no surprise. According to local and regional authority regulations he will now have to officially resign from the Swakopmund municipal council now that he has been elected to represent the constituency on the Erongo regional council.

Source : The Namibian