Kandara’s Widow Testifies in Avid Trial

The wife of the late Lazarus Kandara, Christophine Kandara, yesterday took the stand in the ongoing theft and fraud trial involving her husband’s company – Avid Investments.

Ms Kandara testified that although she knew little of her husband’s business dealings, he did inform her of his plans to start the company. She further testified that her late husband did not have bank accounts of his own and made use of bank accounts that were in her name.

“There was a cheque account in my name, but the money in it belonged to my (late) husband,” she told Judge Christi Liebenberg. She informed the court that she knew all of the accused, except Sharon Blaauw. She testified that one of the seven accused, Inez Gases, is her sister-in-law, with whom she grew up. She further said she knew Paulus Kapia as one of the persons she was supposed to give money to, along with Ralph Blaauw, Otniel Podewiltz and retired Brigadier Mathias Shiweda while she met Nico Josea when he brought her money.

Kapia and his co-accused are charged with theft and fraud as well as contravention of the Companies Act in connection with the botched N$30-million investment from the Social Security Commission (SSC). Ms Kandara however said on objection from Sisa Namandje that she only knew Kapia as Kapia and not in his personal capacity or as a member of Avid. She said she only came to realise later that the Kapia involved was Paulus Kapia – through media reports. Namandje made an issue of this by repeatedly asking Ms Kandara whether his client was identified as Paulus Ilonga Kapia or just Kapia.

According to Ms Kandara, her husband whom she said travelled extensively to and from South Africa informed her during a telephone conversation that Josea would bring her some money, some of which she had to hand over to Blaauw, Podewiltz and Shiweda.

Source : New Era