Kandorozu Hails Hano Founders for Their Vision

Veneruru Mieze, Nocky Kaapehi and Steve Handura have thought of the plight of fellow young brothers and sisters to come up with such a brilliant ideas on how they could contribute to and add value to the youth of Namibia giving rise to the birth of the Hano Youth Foundation, so named after Handura and Nocky.

Okakarara Constituency Councilor, Vetaruhe Kandorozu, says on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Hano at the village Okangondo in the Okakarara Constituency on Saturday. He adds that the biggest challenge “within our people is the lack of confidence once they want to something but the three gentlemen have sit and didn’t waver during the formation of this organization”. He goes on that since the inception of HANO it has contributed to most critical components such as youth development through debates taking place in different branches education through exchange programmes and agriculture through gardening projects that are in Okatjoruu. He has called all members of the organisation to be part of the change and make sure that programmes are implemented as planned as we know that there are a lot of youth organisations but only a few are working towards their strategic plans. Therefore each members should wake up and have something to contribute but not wait from the founders or management of the organisation.

Kandorozu has called on youths to pay attention to school. Those who have failed Grade 10 and Grade 12 should upgrade their grades through Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) rather than trying to go through expensive institutions such as The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN) than later they drop due to the financial resources, again youth should make use of vocational training centres rather than taking VTCs as the centre for those who are performing poor or non perfoming at schools.

The Namibia Network of AIDS Service Oragnisation (NANASO) representatives Edmundo Sikisa Ndjavera, has called the youth to be the ambassador that will fight against the all the mentioned diseases. Youth should always include the health issues within their sessions at various branches as we know that living healthy is the right of every human being. Again I am calling all members of NANASO from faith based organisation, community based organisation and bigger Non-governmental organisations to use our office in any activities that they are having as we members based organisation.

Elveschia- Eckey Karuuombe from Research and Training Department in the Ministry of Youth, National Service and Sport, has thanked the HANO management as they are knocking at their office for any assistance. If youth organisation are not coming to the their office than they will have nothing to implement as the Ministry is there to support any youth organisation. More research will be done on marginalised, orphaned and vulnerable children and youth living with disabilities as these groups in most events are being left out. Therefore, HANO youths, Kasojetua youths, Youth Network Wisdom Youth, OvaMbanderu Youth and CAYoL should also assist them identifying youth in need of support as they are the organizations most active at the grassroots level and more involved with communities.

Chairperson of HANO, Kaapehi, says he is happy for the achievements that the organisation has made in the last five years, although there have been some challenges as those are part of the implementation process and he is assured that in the next five years, programmes will be implemented as planned. HANO has members in Botswana and will be expanded to Kenya and other Southern African countries in due course. They are expecting a delegation of youth members from Kenya for the familiarisation visit before August, informs Kaapehi.

Source : New Era