Kankoshi Wants Industries Established in Omuthiya

Governor of Oshikoto Region Henock Kankoshi has implored youth in Oshikoto to create jobs instead of being job seekers.

He said in order to reduce the unemployment rate, which is rife in the Oshikoto Region, it is crucial to have light industrial manufacturing factories such as textile, or poultry farming.

“A developed nation is one that can showcase good results from trading within and outside borders as well as products that are locally manufactured. I would like to see factories established in Oshikoto Region, especially in Omuthiya – the region’s capital. This would immensely contribute to our country’s Gross Domestic Product,” emphasized Kankoshi. While commending the President Hage Geingob for incorporating industrialisation into the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, he said the region can focus on luring investors to put up factories in the region and train the people to avoid depending entirely on imports. He further implored people in the region to explore more business opportunities and focus more on diversification. Kankoshi was speaking last Friday when he presented his State of the Region address. Senior government officials in the Oshikoto Region attended the address.

Condemning the poaching and killing of wild animals, Kankoshi said wild animals should be preserved and not killed. So far about 54 rhinos have been butchered in the Etosha National Park in Oshikoto.

Kankoshi further urged residents of Oshikoto to put an end to deforestation and instead maintain cleanliness in the region.

“We should try by all means to stop deforestation and keep our localities clean. Sanitation is very important and for this reason, it is my wish and dream that every house must have an up-to-standard toilet as well as clean water,” said Kankoshi. He said he wants to see improved communication between the community as well as law enforcement agencies to uphold peace in the region. Equally, the governor called for the number of women and men community networks to be increased in the region in order to fight crime collectively.

Kankoshi also declared war against gender-based violence. He said over the years, Namibia has witnessed an increase in the number of violence perpetrated against women and children.

“I declare all-out war against this evil practice in our region. This responsibility cannot be left with the law enforcement agencies alone, but it must be a shared responsibility for all peace-loving citizens of our region,” said Kankoshi. He encouraged cattle herders and owners to safeguard their animals and prevent them from grazing next to the road unguarded. He said one of the contributing factors of the high number of motor vehicle accidents, especially on the Oshivelo-Omuthiya B1 road, are animals. He also used the opportunity to encourage staff members of various ministries and stakeholders within his region to work together. He said communication and information should be key. Equally, he encouraged constructive communication instead of what he termed “destructive criticism”.

“We should work as a coherent team at all times, instead of working in isolation. We must work together as a united team to eradicate poverty, unemployment and other social ills in our society. It must be a collective responsibility, no bystanders,” he concluded.

Source : New Era