Karas Farmer Nabbed

THE 31-year-old farmer, Norman Kamaaizemi Tjizoo, who allegedly chained an employee to a tree for two days was nabbed by the Karasburg police yesterday.

Acting on a tip from members of the public, police arrested Tjizoo yesterday morning after he had been on the run since Thursday.

He made a brief first appearance in the Karasburg Magistrate’s Court on charges of kidnapping and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm yesterday.

Tjizoo was granted bail of N$2 500 and his case was postponed to 23 February to allow for further police investigations.

Meanwhile, the farm worker, Willem Boer (36), was discharged from the Karasburg State Hospital, where he was treated for injuries sustained during the alleged abuse, Inspector Slogan Matheus, a police spokesperson, confirmed yesterday. Matheus said Boer was recovering at home. Tjizoo allegedly kidnapped Boer from Tjizoo’s house in Karasburg on Tuesday.

Matheus said on Sunday that Boer was appointed to work for Tjizoo at his house last Tuesday. When they got to the house, Tjizoo allegedly asked Boer to hold onto the open bonnet of a car while he went into the house.

Boer claimed he then realised that it was the same man who had offered him work the previous week but ended up mistreating him. He decided to drop the bonnet and run away, Matheus said.

Tjizoo allegedly chased after him in a car, caught up with him, threw him into the vehicle and took him back to his house.

Back at the house, the farmer allegedly tied Boer up with ropes and kept him in a garage.

Boer told the police that Tjizoo later drove with him to Tjizoo’s farm, Swartschek, in the Warmbad area where his neck, arms and legs were tied up with chains and locks until the police found him there on Thursday.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, Tjizoo allegedly only untied Boer’s hands so that he could perform some work. During this time, his neck and legs are believed to have remained shackled.

When questioned about his behaviour, Tjizoo claimed that Boer owed him N$85 and he was scared that Boer would run away without settling this debt.

Matheus said Tjizoo had fled from the scene under the noses of the police and was on the run until his arrest yesterday.

When The Namibian got hold of Tjizoo at his office at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry yesterday afternoon he denied his earlier arrest and that he had paid bail of N$2500 to secure his release although a case (CR02012015) against him was recorded at Warmbad police station. He also denied that his case was postponed to 23 February.

Tjizoo however admitted that he had a farm in the Warmbad area before he slammed down the phone.

Source : The Namibian