Karas Governor Picks New Aide

THE Karas governor has appointed former Unam southern campus student support officer Lukas Shekwaanyena, who recently resigned under a cloud from the institution, as her personal assistant.

The Namibian understands that Shekwaanyena was hauled before a disciplinary hearing in March this year to face charges of maladministration. According to the source, during the disciplinary hearing it was revealed that Shekwaanyena accepted a quotation from a service provider who had no identification document nor a registered company.

As the lowest bidder, the service provider in question was given a cleaning up job after the Unam annual cultural show.

However, Shekwaanyena made a cheque of N$1 400 to a person who had not rendered the cleaning up service.

The alleged payment irregularity was exposed when the alleged beneficiary queried the payment with Unam, saying he did not render any services to receive the payment.

Unam public relations officer John Haufiku confirmed that Shekwaanyena had resigned pending the completion of the investigation and disciplinary hearing.

Recently Shekwaanyena acted as on of the Affirmative repositioning coordinators in Keetmanshoop, helping landless youth during the mass land applications.

Haufiku could not be drawn into giving details of the alleged maladministration charges for which Shekwaanyena was hauled before the disciplinary hearing. When approached for comment, Shekwaanyena said he does “not have any interest in that thing”.

“I thought you called me for progressive things,” he said before hanging up.

Basson in a recent interview with The Namibian divulged that it was a “political decision” of her not to retain her predecessor’s support staff including the driver, personal assistant and secretary.

“In politics you work with somebody you trust,” Basson remarked, adding that it is equally important in politics that you fail or succeed with your own team.

Basson said yesterday a proper screening process had been done on Shekwaanyena before his appointment, adding that she was well aware of the disciplinary hearing he had been facing while an employee of Unam.

“Since no criminal charges are pending against him, I opted to appoint him as my personal aide,” Basson remarked, adding that from the three candidates she had interviewed for the position Shekwaanyena was the best qualified candidate.

Source : The Namibian