Karasburg Town Begins to Shine

The mayor of Karasburg Caroline Arendse says the newly constructed Karasburg SME Park is another milestone for the town and will go a long way in addressing unemployment and poverty, amongst other social challenges facing residents.

Briefing New Era about the latest developments in the town, Arendse said the SME Park will consist of 13 fully-furnished stalls and a conference and communication centre, among many other modern-day facilities on offer. Arendse is adamant the park will serve as an ideal opportunity for local vendors to expand their businesses.

Besides the new business park, other developments are also unfolding at full pace. The town’s share of the initial phase of the national mass housing project already got off the ground about two months ago and close to 20 residents are employed on site. About 270 houses will be built within the next two years under the government project and Arendse hopes more locals will be employed as the project expands. The houses will be built at Westerkim and Lordsville.

Under the government’s Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth the town council has managed to service about 118 erven, which will soon be made available to the local business communities from Karasburg and surrounding towns.

Meanwhile, the third phase of the interlocked Hospital Road that runs through the town is currently underway and should be completed later this year. The first phase was completed late last year, while the second phase was completed early this year.

However, despite all these developments, Arendse admitted the town still faces challenges in terms of empowering locals through education but maintained they are slowly moving in the right direction. She also said there is a need to improve the town’s health system.

Source : New Era