Karibib Informal Settlement to Be Moved

THE Karibib Town Council has made plans to relocate residents of the Usab informal settlement because of a lack of space caused by a nearby cemetery.

The residents, however, have requested that Council finds another location for the Usab graveyard as many are reluctant to move.

Vaino Mbambero (68) came to Karibib in 1991 from Rundu. He told The Namibian that he is unhappy about the planned move.

“Although we are very close to the graveyard, this is not bothering us. Why can’t they (town council) find somewhere else to put up a new graveyard. Already, we don’t have water, proper streets and toilets. We are not being taken seriously at all and now the town council just decides to move us. We should just pack up and go, which is not fair at all,” Mbambero said.

Mbambero is a pensioner and the sole breadwinner in a house that he shares with one of his daughters and his four grandchildren. Another resident, Thusnelde Nawases (50), also lives close to the cemetery and says if the residents should move, it must be to a better place.

“Our living conditions are not good here. I hope that they will move us to a better place, because here we are at least close to the shops and the town. I really hope we will have clean water and toilets at the new place,” Nawases said.

A councillor at the Karibib Town Council, Christiaan Nguherimo, confirmed the move and said that the informal settlement is becoming a great concern to the council. “The informal settlement is becoming bigger than the Usab township. The cemetery is nearly full and we will have no place to bury people. We are now planning to service land where we hopefully can move them to. We also want to build roads and that is why we are urging our people to allow relocation,” Nguherimo said.

The councillor also announced that the council has already started with some development projects.

Source : The Namibian