Katima Municipality seeks High Court order against land grabbers

KATIMA MULILO: The Katima Mulilo Town Council is lodging an urgent application with the Windhoek High Court to block over 1 000 people from illegally occupying municipal land.

Yesterday, Katima Mulilo Mayor Charles Matengu confirmed to Nampa that the council has requested its legal representatives to seek urgent court interdicts, which will effect an end to ongoing land grabbing at the Macaravan East informal settlement and Mahohoma.

Matengu explained there will be two types of interdicts, one of which will be an order that will prohibit any person from unlawfully invading or occupying vacant, serviced or non-serviced municipal land. The other order is to remove those who have already erected structures within a specified period.

Matengu indicated that the whole process might take between five days and two weeks.

Matengu’s warning comes after large groups of people disrupted a meeting at Macaravan East on Sunday afternoon, demanding they be given free land to build houses. They threatened to illegally occupy municipal land if the council does not adhere to their plights.

WINDHOEK: Women have been struggling to break the barriers of male dominance in various academic sectors, despite their bold attempts to make their presence felt in these sectors.

But a glimmer of hope is beaming in the science field for many women who yearn to break this male dominance.

The field appears to be one of the last sanctuaries for women leaders, as more women scientists are coming to the fore.

A group of women researchers who recently met in Windhoek confirmed that African women scientists have been making great strides in this field. They concluded that the working environment for women is changing for the better.

Speaking at the end of a two-day research partnership workshop on water resources for women scientists from Africa and the United States last Tuesday, delegates agreed that the life of women scientists in Africa is changing for the better.

Chief Hydrologist in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Cynthia Ortmann said many women are now receiving recognition for making their mark in a male-dominated environment, while women scientists have taken up high positions in Government.

Although figures vary, the percentage of female science graduates has also risen in Namibia.