Katutura Movie Goes Into Shooting

Being at the shoot of the upcoming local film Katutura was an amazing experience filled with colourful, vibrant and interesting activities, so much excitement and best local talent few have even know existed in Namibia.

The coming Katutura movie is the biggest Namibian independent film made by Namibians, featuring Namibian actors and actresses with the entire film being shot in Katutura. The township provided a natural film setting and the production team did not have to construct a lot of infrastructure. According to the film Director, Florian Schott, themusical film will have numerous benefits like portraying the historical and current home of the people of the vibrant suburb, and their resolute optimism despite daily hardships many face. It will show the importance of honour and respect towards women, children and elders as well as showcase Namibia’s heritage.

“It will have many unique Namibian trades, there is something special about it, it’s not an ordinary name, there is so much more in a township. This was a great experience showing possible investors that the film is something you can invest in, and make something out of It,” says Schott. The film features well known personalities such as Former Miss Namibia 2010, Odile Muller socialite Tjiuna KauapiruraHip-Hop sensation, Jericho Gawanab and presenter and actor Chops Tshoopara. The movie is set to premiere to Namibians before the end of the year.

Source : New Era