’Katutura’ Trailer Wins Local Hearts

IF you haven’t seen the ‘Katutura’ teaser pop up on your Facebook newsfeed in the last couple of days, you’ve missed out on the biggest show of hype, support and genuine Namibian pride that the local film industry has ever seen. And you may want to get involved.

Premiering sleek, slick and with what looks like world class direction, editing, acting and cinematography, the teaser has garnered 14 000 views on YouTube in just five days and is being shared on social media replete with cyber yells of enthusiasm and encouragement as the full length film nears its highly anticipated premiere.

Directed by this year’s Namibian Theatre and Film Awards Best Film Director winner, Florian Schott, the film features a hive of local talent including NTFA 2014’s Best Editor Haiko Boldt, original music by song supervisors Araffath Muhuure and Becoming Phil, score and sound design by Sonja and Wotjek Majewski, an original script by Obed Emvula, production by Tulinane Entertainment, Daphne Williams, Mutaleni Nadimi, Ed Ehrenberg and Florian Schott and wardrobe by Cynthia Schimming.

Joining the production team from across the border are South African director of photography Trevor A Brown who lensed the picture and South African production designer Bobby Cardoso who also designed sets for ‘Tsotsi’ (2005).

“‘Katutura’ follows a handful of characters and their struggles and hopes,” says Schott.

“Ex-convict Dangi has to deal with living a law-abiding life, an extramarital son and an old flame who his wife doesn’t know about. Gangster Shivago tries to explore a new market to sell his drugs and Kondja, a teenager in a wheelchair who helps streetkids, falls in love for the first time. Their paths intertwine and their lives collide in both hopeful and brutal ways.”

Still scintillatingly cryptic and set to music by Arrafath Muhuure and Gazza’s ‘Oshiponga’, the trailer gives us a glimpse into an urban drama set within familiar scenes of Windhoek while introducing an engaging cast of characters including Chops Tshoopara who plays Dangi, Obed Emvula as Shivago, Gift Uzera as Kondja, Tjuna Kauapirura as Foibe and Odile Muller who stars as Esmeacute.

“‘Katutura’ excites people because on the one hand it’s a truly Namibian story, shot in Namibia, with a Namibian cast and crew but on the other hand it has action, special effects, fights and other things you don’t usually expect to see in Namibian films,” says Schott.

“We’re telling a truly local story, with characters and situations Namibian audiences can identify with, but at the same time the film will look, sound and feel like an international film.”

A sentiment certainly shared by the hundreds of locals essentially ululating on Facebook, Schott admits to being overwhelmed by the response but feels ready to meet the hype head on.

“We’ve put a lot of work into the trailer and knew that the feel of our film would be special but I could not have anticipated such a huge response. It gives me all the more motivation to make the best film possible and to live up to the raised expectations,” says Schott.

The film is yet to announce a release date though it is described as coming very soon amidst a ‘memorable event’ – unsurprising for a film that has been rebuked for its perturbing trickle of information dissemination during production.

“We deliberately didn’t want to give too much away too early. We wanted to make people aware of the film without getting too specific. So we held back on images, footage, etc,” says Schott.

If we had released too much information too early the hype might have died down by now so we chose to surprise our audiences and people reacted wonderfully to the trailer and are excited to see the film now. So that seems to have paid off.”

It certainly did.

However, if you are one of the fine few who haven’t seen the trailer, watch it on YouTube and see what has locals readying their popcorn and pretty much chomping at the bit.

Stay tuned to ‘Katutura’ by following the film on Facebook.

Source : The Namibian