Kavango East Receives Election Materials

The Kavango East Region yesterday received 429 electronic voting machines (EVMs) and 284 EVM control units in preparation for this Friday’s presidential and National Assembly elections.

The region received full election materials according to the election coordinator for Kavango East, Michael Kabwata, who confirmed receipt of the consignment after verification was conducted at the Rundu police station.

The materials were offloaded by police force members upon arrival from Windhoek and will be kept at the police station until they are dispatched for polling points later this week.

“The region so far has received the full required EVMs for all our 142 teams,” Kabwata said yesterday.

“We also invited political party representatives to go through the verification process with us,” he added.

Kabwata said the mobile teams will be deployed on November 26 and the fixed teams on November 27. “We are still busy working on transport issues but we are ready,” Kabwata said.

Kabwata also confirmed that they have had no problems working with political party representatives. “The cooperation between our office and political parties so far – honestly speaking, we do not have problems as well as with other stakeholders,” he said.

The materials are going to be shared by six constituencies across Kavango East and all constiuencies will have fixed teams as well as mobile teams, which will move from place to place.

Mashare Constituency will receive 70 EVM control units and 108 EVM ballot units, which will be used by 35 teams of mobile and fixed polling officials, while Mukwe Constituency will receive 54 EVM control units and 81 EVM ballot units, which will be used by 27 teams.

Ndiyona Constituency will receive 54 EVM ballot units and 36 EVM control units, which will be used by 18 teams and Ndonga Linena Constituency will receive 48 EVM control units and 72 EVM ballot units, which will be used by 24 teams of polling officials.

Rundu Rural Constituency will get 46 EVM control units and 69 ballot units to be used by 23 polling teams, while Rundu Urban will get 45 EVM ballot units with 30 EVM control units and will be used by 15 polling teams.

Kabwata urged eligible voters to get ready to vote come Friday 28 November.

Source : New Era