Kavango West Expects 48 285 Voters

As polling day drew closer the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) officials in Kavango West expected that 48 285 voters would be casting their votes while 966 polling officials were ready for the big day tomorrow, having completed their training.

The officials two days ago completed training on the usage of voting materials at Nkurenkuru the regional capital of Kavango West.

The election training took place from November 19 to 25.

Election coordinator for Kavango West, Benjamin Makayi, said all went well since training started last week.

“Everything is on track and what is left is just administrative work and the deployment of the teams to various poling points,” Makayi said.

Makayi also confirmed that the region received its election materials to be used amongst the eight constituencies in the region.

“We received 483 ballot units and 322 control units to be dispatched to different polling points around the region and we don’t have officials that are boycotting because of the pay rate like in other regions – they all signed their contracts and all of them will be dispatched to their duty stations by Thursday 27 November (today),” Makayi said.

The eight constituencies of Kavango West are Mpungu, Tondoro, Kapako, Ncuncuni, Nkurenkuru, Musese, Mankumpi and Ncamagoro.

Source : New Era