Kavekotora Says Namibians Should Vote for Change

RALLY for Democracy and Progress (RDP) secretary general Mike Kavekotora has urged Namibians to go out in numbers and vote for his party, so that it can bring about “progressive change”.

“We entered the Presidential and National Assembly elections this year to wrestle power from the ruling party, with the main objective being to make a difference in the lives of the majority of the Namibian people,” he said at the RDP’s star rally at Opuwo on Sunday.

Kavekotora, who is number three on the RDP list of candidates for the National Assembly, said the Swapo Party government had failed the Namibian nation in all respects.

“Swapo did not have any vision for Namibia’s administration before independence, and so it continued without vision after independence. That resulted in the current failure in all sectors of the country,” he charged.

Furthermore, the Swapo Party failed Namibians in the creation of jobs for all, in education, in reconciliation, the prevention of crime against women and children and in halting corruption, Kavekotora said.

Kavekotora also accused Swapo of failing pensioners by paying them less than a basic living allowance in monthly social grants, also accusing the party of favouring the rich at the expense of the poor.

“Swapo’s lack of vision for Namibia failed to provide adequate shelter for the needy. The mass housing scheme is in a mess, but the Swapo government wants to buy a new jet and construct a new parliament building. The Swapo government also refuses to implement the Basic Income Grant (BIG) programme for the poorest of the poor to benefit,” he said.

Kavekotora, however, did not say how the RDP would bring about change and improve the situation if voted into power.

The rally was well-attended, compared to the first one the party held in Opuwo last month.

The first rally was attended by about 60 people, while some 400 people from all over the Kunene region showed up on Sunday.

The party also welcomed 65 new members into its fold during this rally.

Source : The Namibian