Kavetuna Calls On White Youth to Play a Part in Nation Building

Launched in 2007, the Youth Leadership Development Programme has been at the forefront of imparting knowledge to aspiring youthful leaders from various political parties, to university students, and to school leavers alike. Initiated by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Namibia, the programme has grown in leaps and bounds and is playing a fundemental part in training Namibia’s next set of leaders.

In a ceremony held in Windhoek last Saturday evening, participants were encouraged to work towards nation building with calls to put national matters before those of their respective political organs. Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Juliet Kavetuna in her address to the young leaders said, “We must always remember that we are Namibians before we are SWAPO or DTA members. I am not known by my political association when I travel abroad but rather by the fact that I am Namibian.”

Kavetuna also paid attention to the inclusion of the white youth saying, “It is time the white youth of this country start playing their part. The programme is being run by white men, why is it that they are not here? When I was a student at the [University of the] Orange Free State, white students would actively participate, why not here as well.” Mr Peik Bruhns, Founder and designer of the Youth Leadership Development Programme gave an overview of what the programme entailed. Said Bruhns, “The programme is an attempt to equip every young leader with skills, knowledge and an attitude and willingness to succeed. Testament to that is the fact that most of graduates serve in various capacities.”

“Our graduates have gone on to serve on the structures of The Rally for Democracy and Progress Youth League, The Democratic Turnhalle Alliance Youth League, The National Unity Democratic Union Youth League as well as the Republican Party Youth League in leadership capacities. Further to that, our alumni serves on the Swapo Party Youth League Central Committee,” added Bruhns. “Our biggest impediment is that our pogramme is not accredited by any authority, neither the Namibia Qualifications Authority nor the Namibia Training Authority. We are in the process of obtaining our standard guidelines to gain accredidation. Quality can be affirmed through various channels,” Bruhns.

Source : Namibia Economist