Keetmans Man Talks About Son’s Brutal Murder

THE father of a young man from Keetmanshoop who was murdered on Saturday said it pains him that his son’s friends are implicated in the crime.

Elton Riekert (20) was brutally murdered during the early hours of Saturday in the Sonop residential area and his five friends – Lorensius Kooitjie (21), Jamee Benito Yabril Afrikaner (20), Keetmanshoop Junior Secondary School Grade 9 pupil Edmund Reginald Coetzee (18), Brandon Jossop (20) and Revival Kooitjie (18) appeared in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court yesterday in connection with the crime.

The five, who are charged with murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances, were not asked to plead during their brief court appearance.

Their case was instead postponed until 17 November for further police investigation and to allow the five to obtain legal representation.

Afrikaner indicated that he would enlist the service of a private lawyer, while the other four suspects said they would apply for Legal Aid.

Public prosecutor Joseph Andreas opposed bail and argued that the suspects might interfere with the investigation, which is still in its early stages.

Andreas further argued that it would not be in the interest of justice or the public to grant bail to the suspects, adding that a sixth suspect would soon be arrested in the case.

“It pains me to think about the appalling manner of my son’s death, and that his friends are implicated in his murder,” Willy Riekert, Elton’s father, said.

Speaking to The Namibian before the start of the court hearing, the five suspects entered the crowded magistrate’s court, hiding their faces. Riekert said it would have been easier to accept his son’s death if he had died in a less horrifying manner.

“I could imagine how my son was crushed to death when I saw the stones and bloodstains at the murder scene,” said Riekert.

According to him, residents who witnessed his son’s murder, told him that the suspects also wanted to “cut off his penis”.

“Yes, my son was naughty and was a member of the notorious XXX gang, but he did not deserve to die like this. Although he became a gang member due to peer pressure, he did not kill anyone. Why should they have murdered him in such a brutal manner?” Riekert added.

A police source informed The Namibian that the sixth suspect had handed himself over to police yesterday morning.

It is alleged that the suspects stabbed Elton Riekert with an unknown object in his chest, chopped him with a panga and then stoned him, causing his death.

Riekert was rushed to the Windhoek State Hospital after being admitted to a local hospital, but succumbed to his injuries at Rehoboth.

Source : The Namibian