Keetmans weekend murder suspect makes first appearance

KEETMANSHOOP: The suspect investigated on a murder charge after the death of a son of the governor of Karas Region Lucia Basson has made a first appearance in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

Ambrosius Matheus, 46, was arraigned on a charge of murder after the death of Job “Joppies” Daniels, 29, who was shot through the mouth at the Oxpass outlook point behind the Westdene suburb at around 04h00 on Sunday morning.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Helena Nepembe. He is represented by private lawyer Louis La Grange. The prosecutor in the case is Loide Nghixulifwa.

Both the prosecutor and the lawyer asked for postponement for further investigations.

Mathews entered the filled-to-capacity courtroom and took a moment to scan the room before entering the dock. He did not plea and left the brief session again facing the public gallery, looking mostly at relatives and friends of the deceased Daniels.

There was a heavy police presence of more than 10 officers.

People sat in the gallery with posters asking for ‘no bail’.

A date for formal bail application, a routine practice, was set for 23 November 2015.

Meanwhile, governor Basson spoke to Nampa on Monday calling on Government to abolish bail for people suspected of serious crimes such as murder and rape.

She said she was heartbroken and very hurt at the loss of her son.

Daniels is the son of a brother of Basson, but was raised by the governor since he was nine months old.

Basson’s brother, the father of the deceased, Rudolph Basson also said that bail should not be an option.

“In the past, those investigated for murder were not released as the matter usually creates a volatile situation for families and communities involved. What happened that those who commit stock theft are treated worse than those who are investigated for the murder of others,” he said.

The father said his son’s life came to a premature end.

“His life was cut short. He was in his prime trying to build a good life for himself,” the father said.

According to Namibian Police spokesman in //Karas, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Isaak, the murder was preceded by an incident at Club Vibe in Kronlein when the suspect bumped the car of the deceased.

The case will commence in court again later this year on 15 December.

Investigations continue.