Kharas Gears Up for Road Safety

The KharasHardap Regional Joint Traffic Law Enforcement Committee (RJTLEC) held a consultative dinner at Keetmanshop on Monday night.

The dinner addressed by the Governor of Kharas Region Bernardus Swartbooi was attended by different stakeholders such as the police, the Roads Authority (RA), the Keetmanshop Municipality and traditional leaders.

The consultative dinner was aimed at discussing the roles of the RJTLEC in relation to the leading partner Nampol, political office-bearers, traditional leaders and other stakeholders regarding traffic law enforcement as a whole.

Speaking at the dinner Swartbooi said there are several things that hinder the ability of the country to thoroughly deal with road safety and this includes the poor road conditions, old and narrow roads, ageing road signs, unfriendly roads, gender insensitive roads, road corridor fencing and the few resting places along the roads.

He explained that Namibian roads especially in the south are old and very narrow making it difficult for vehicles to keep in their lanes.

He also noted that roads are very gender insensitive as men can easily step out and answer to the call of nature whereas it’s difficult for women to do the same because there are no toilet facilities along the roads that women could use.

He also urged the relevant authorities to improve the road marking and signs on a continuous basis as this would help drivers a lot.

“Road signs send such a g and refreshing message to drivers that they are in an area where driving is taken seriously,” stated Swartbooi.

He also pleaded for traffic officer to be given faster cars as the current ones can’t compete with other top cars in terms of speed and performance.

Swartbooi questioned why most towns are reluctant to have traffic lights, adding that traffic lights are the least vandalized and they enhance the sensitivity of drivers to observe driving discipline.

He pointed out that another problem is the attitude of drivers, saying that most drivers when overtaking only look in front and do not bother to look behind for any vehicles and this causes accidents.

He concluded by thanking the organisers of the dinner and asked that such meetings with all stakeholders present be held once every month.

Kharas Regional Police Commander Commissioner Armas Shivute also took to the podium to thank everyone involved in the RJTLEC for their tireless efforts. “I lack words to express my profound appreciation,” said the regional police commander.

He said the most causes of accidents are lack of driving skills, speeding, alcohol or drugs and unroadworthy vehicles. He further called on all citizens not to travel in any unroadworthy vehicles but rather report the vehicles to the police.

2013 statistics indicate that the Kharas Region had a total of 115 crashes with 40 fatalities this year alone.

Source : New Era