Khomas Boxing Championship a Big Success

The Khomas Boxing Championship over the weekend was a resounding success as 70 boxers from six clubs battled it out in Cadet, Junior and Senior categories.

The participating clubs were Golden Boxing Club (GBC), Soweto Boxing Club (SBC), Holy Boxing Club (HBC), the After School Centre (ASC), MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing Club (MTC) and Warriors Promotions (WP). Unam Boxing Club (UBC) was represented by one official.

Shaanika Itewa of the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy won the Best Senior Boxer of the Championship, while Dorian Shilunga of the After Care Centre won the Best Junior Boxer of the Championship.

Martin Iilenya of Soweto Boxing Club won the best Cadet Boxer of the Tournament award.

The After School Centre won the award for the Best Club of the Championship, while Johannes Ishono of the After School Centre won the Best Coach of the Year award.

The Chairman’s Award was won by Memory Manasse, the secretary general of the Khomas Boxing Federation.

The PRO of the Khomas Boxing Association, Immanuel Moses thanked Latch Abed of Hakahana Meat Market and Edwin Bassingthwaighte for their support and for making the event a ‘resounding success, while he also thanked the public for its support.

“We would like also thank the public at large who came out in their numbers. Their presence has given us an assurance that they are supporting our humble aim of keeping the youth in our communities fit, and by doing so promoting a healthy nation and to keep our youth away from the social evils of alcohol and drug abuse amongst others,” Moses said.

“This championship has enabled us to select a Khomas Boxing team that will represent Khomas at any upcoming boxing event in the future. The Khomas Boxing team will be announced in the near future,” he added.

Moses said the team would need water bottles, towels, sport bags, team outfits that in the form of tracksuits, blazers, boxing shoes, boxing shorts and vests, t-shirts and caps and called on the business community for its support. Financial contributions can be made to the Thomas Boxing Federation to cheque account number 62251626829, John Meinert branch. For donations in kind, Mr Rehang can be contacted at cell number 0812556777.

The results of the finals were as follows:

Cadets and Juniors:

22kg: Philipus Nyjamba (ASC) winner – walkover. 24kg: Japhet Nyjamba (ASC) winner – walkover. 26kg: Sylvester Ndemufao (ASC) winner – walkover. 28kg: Licius Kafita (ASC) beat Martin Iilwenya (SBC).

30kg: Elifas Shailemo (SBC) winner – walkover. 32kg: Gideon Philemon (ASC) beat Andreas Nghilongwa (SBC).

34kg: Spiegel Lucano (SBC) beat Godforce Aihuki (ASC). 36kg: Shilunga Dorian (ASC) beat Mandene Godfried (SBC). 38kg: Antonio Narib (GBC) vs Ngilongwa Immanuel (SBC) beat Antonio Narib (GBC).

42kg: Petrus David (SBC) winner- walkover. 46kg: Isaack Swarts (GBC) beat Tuhafeni Frans (ASC). 48kg: Bradley Muniazo (MTC) winner – walkover. 52kg: Ruri Malakia (MTC) winner – walkover. 54kg: Phelep Alweendo (ASC) winner – walkover. 60kg: Pendapala Kashila (GBC) beat Brenden Marubi (SBC).

66kg: Vetarapi Muhuko (MTC) winner – walkover. 75kg: Gerhardus du Plooy (SBC) winner- walkover

Senior Elite men

Light flyweight: Theodor Nuuyoma (MTC) winner – walkover.

Flyweight: Matheus Sem (MTC) beat Titus Thomas (WP). Featherweight: Shooya Shaanika (MTC) beat Shoko Joy (HBC).

Lightweight: Hosea Ekongo (SBC) beat Adreas Johannes (MTC).

Light welterweight: Lamankuluka Ngifikwa (WP) beat Sondy Usko (MTC).

Welterweight: Shaanika Itewa (MTC) beat Shivolo Kleofas (WP).

Middleweight: Hebert Negumbo (MTC) beat Sakeus Johannes (WP).

Light heavyweight: Paulinus Ndjolominu (MTC) winner – walkover.

Heavyweight: Johannes Vermeulen (SBC) winner – walkover. Super heavyweight: Kapena Appolus (SBC) winner – walkover

Source : The Namibian