Khomas Boxing Federation Hosts Another Tourney

The Khomas Boxing Federation held its second tournament at Peoples Primary School in Katutura on Saturday.

The clubs that competed at the successful second event were the Golden Boxing Club (GBC), MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing and Fitness Academy (MTC NSTBFA), the After School Centre (ASC) under the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare (MGECW), and Holy Boxing Club (HBC).

This time, the Soweto Boxing Club and Warrior Promotions did not participate due to other commitments, while the Unam Boxing Club could also not make it as its students are on holiday. Nonetheless, the tournament aimed at giving amateur fighters in the Khomas region increased exposure, was a resounding success, KBF public relations officer Immanuel Paulus said.

“The tournament was a resounding success. We have already seen a lot of improvement in our boxers. We believe that we are on the right track, and would therefore like to continue hosting tournaments on a monthly basis as per our year plan,” said Paulus.

The next tournament is scheduled for 2 August at the After School Centre in Grysblok.

A total of 18 bouts in both senior and juniorcadet categories took place.

In the junior category, Jafeta Nyjamba won his 24kg fight on points against Phillipus Nyjamba (both ASC) Sylvester Junior won a 27kg fight on points against Tobias Embula (both ASC) Licius Kafita won a 31kg fight on points against Gideon Fillimon (both ASC) Emmanuel Chiloya (ASC) won a 34kg fight on points against Selvanus Petrus (GBC) Dorian Shilunga (ASC) won a 34kg fight on points against Fraime Nangolo (MTC NSTBFA) and Festus Petrus (ASC) won his 45kg bout on points against Kashuna Boy Pendepala (GBC).

In the senior category, Andreas Namwandi won his 50kg fight on points against Shaanika Fillipus (both MTC NSTBFA) Paulus Nembwaya (MTC NSTBFA) won a 50kg fight on points against Josef Imms (GBC) Matheus Sem (MTC NSTBFA) lost a 50kg fight by TKO against Moses Salatiel (GBC) Pillipus Nghtiumbwa (GBC) won a 56kg fight by TKO against Erastus Daniel (MTC NSTBFA) Ambunda DesDelius (MTC NSTBFA) lost a 60kg fight on points against Gerson Veeta (GBC) Efraim Absalom (MTC NSTBFA) won a 60kg fight by KO against Rescoh Kupindana (HBC) Erastus Marenga won a 60kg fight on points against Gerson Halweendo (both MTC NSTBFA) and Usko Rehabeam MTC NSTBFA) beat Johannes Hangomo (HBC) on points in a 60kg fight.

Need for help

Thus far, the federation has been able to host its events due to the generosity of the officials, who have chipped in with their services for free.

Additionally, they have not been charged fees for the venues.

However, Moses said the federation hopes to receive support with the transportation of the ring, boxers and officials. Other assistance in terms of first aid kits, prizes, water bottles, towels and gym bags and other essential boxing gear will also be needed.

“It is quite a difficult task to organise a tournament of this nature and magnitude when you do not have any financial backing. That is why we would like to appeal to the corporate world as well as individuals to assist us financially or in kind,” Moses said.

Cash donations can be deposited into KBFs Bank account with the following details: FNB John Meinert Branch, Windhoek, Cheque Account Number 62251626829. Anyone willing to assist in kind can call Memory Manasse and Immanuel Paulus at 0812278142 and 0813155070 respectively.

The KBF prides itself in providing a platform for promoting healthy and competitive lifestyles among the youth.

“We believe that we are keeping our youth away from the social evils of alcohol, drug abuse and many others,” said Paulus.

Source : The Namibian