Khomas Council Signs Performance Agreements

IN a bid to increase educational performance and socio-economic development in the region, the Khomas Regional Council made all staff members sign performance agreements on Wednesday.

The council became one of the first regional councils to sign performance agreements with all staff members as part of an effort to meet requests by the Office of the Prime Minister to ensure functional performance in the public sector.

Speaking at a press conference at the council’s head office, chairperson Zulu Shitongeni said by having staff members sign these performance agreements, the council will step up its game when it comes to delivering quality services to the people.

“We signed these agreements to change our activities into manageable and quantified actions. This will ensure that one puts customers first,” said Shitongeni.

He said this is not only meant for managing performance, but also for public service to be able to account for its citizens in terms of service delivery.

According to Shitongeni, the whole performance agreement is a commitment to the public to provide quality services and these commitments are translated into specific and measurable targets under the performance agreement.

“Part of this process is drawing the five-year strategic plan in line with the National Development Goals. The most important part of this process in the monitoring is to see how all employees carry out their tasks contained in the performance agreements,” said Shitongeni.

Shitongeni signed a performance agreement with chief regional officer Clemens Mafwila, which includes six priority areas such as the drilling of boreholes and provision of water in rural areas surrounding Windhoek.

Similarly, Mafwila’s performance agreement also includes ensuring that erven at Groot Aub are serviced and constituency offices renovated.

He is also mandated to improve living standards of the communities in the region by starting projects to help community members generate income and become financially independent.

Other senior officers who signed the agreements are director of planning and development, Gabriel Benjamin Loide Muttotta who is acting director of general services Steven Keib, director of human resources Alexander Sangwali, director of finance and Franklin Chilinda who is director of planning and development.

Spokesperson Lydia Shifa yesterday said the Khomas Regional Council’s performance agreements are for the years 2015 to 2016 and that reviews will be done next year to see whether there has been any improvements in delivery of key result areas.

Source : The Namibian