Khomas CRO calls for decentralisation of ministries’ activities

WINDHOEK: The Chief Regional Officer of the Khomas Regional Council, Clement Mwafila has encouraged line ministries to decentralize decision-making authorities.

He said doing so will maintain the strong support between the regional offices and the head office.

Mwafila said this during the opening of the one-day Regional Development Coordination Committee (RDCC) meeting organized by the Khomas Regional Council on Tuesday.

The purpose of the meeting was to revive the RDCC which has not been functioning due to a number of barriers and challenges.

The committee is responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring and evaluating development activities in the region.

Mwafila explained that the lack of coordination between the regional offices and the head office is one of the barriers to development.

He stressed that in most cases, enquiries from the regional office are often referred to the directors responsible for the region, which becomes cumbersome as the region is too vast to be handled by directors only.

“If there is a misunderstanding in terms of the coordination process we need to have mechanisms in place. Our task is to make sure there is a purpose to have RDCC in the region,” he said.

The Chief Regional Officer appreciated the constitution amendment which gives governors the power to supervise the activities of ministries at regional level.

He said this will help the council to address the issues through the governor, and the ministries will be held accountable for any issue.

Mwafila called on the RDCC to improve the coordination process through the development of personal and institutional incentives for coordination.

He said this can be done by understanding why there is a need for the line ministries to be present when it is comes to coordination of functions.

He noted that billions of dollars were sent back to the treasury because of lack of coordination at regional level.

According to the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) 2015/16-2017/18, Khomas Region received the highest average allocation over the MTEF as result of large number of projects being implemented in the city.

A total of N.dollars 2 733 378 for 2015/16; N.dollars 3 460 926 for 2016/17 and N.dollars 4 638 345 for 2017/2018 were allocated for the development projects in the region.

The RDCC is made up of government offices, ministries, agencies that are committed to accelerating development in the region.

The meeting was attended by regional councilors and representatives of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture; Ministry of Defense; Ministry of Gender Equality; and Child Welfare, City of Windhoek and Khomas Regional offices.