Khorixas Resembles Warzone – Activist

A community activist at the north-western town of Khorixas, Romeo Story #Nauseb, complains bitterly over refuse which is seen all over the town. He said rubbish makes the town look like a “warzone”.

“In the past there were big blue bins for residents to throw refuse in but now there is none. We pay for services to the town council to keep our town clean,” #Nauseb said.

#Nauseb, an outspoken activist, who has in the past organised anti-corruption and service delivery demonstrations against the town council said, “this town is dusty and dry due to lack of development and on top of that it looks like a warzone. Residents have no place to dump their waste. At least provide us with big bins,” #Nauseb said.

He said that the youth can be paid to pick up by the town’s rubbish.

Another resident, Elizabeth !Ganes who reside in the !Goas area said that the Khorixas town council’s chief executive officer (CEO) Nicodemus #Gaeseb, has told them during a meeting, that residents must not dump their rubbish into the river as they used to do but rather in their yards.

” I am throwing my rubbish inside my yard as we were told and it looks bad but if I get the wheelbarrow I throw it away in the river as there is no way I could take it away.”

#Gaeseb, CEO of Khorixas Town Council said, “it’s the owners’ responsibility to get rid of the rubbish from their gardens as the council is responsible for normal household rubbish.

“The residents can call the council to pick up the rubbish, which is charged based on the size of the heap,” said #Gaeseb.

He said the council will notify residents who throw away their rubbish and fine them but blames the council’s technical department for not taking action.

He said Khorixas residents are irresponsible and they dump refuse and litter everywhere, even if a dustbin is available.

A resident told The Namibian that the town council charges between N$200 and N$300 to remove refuse, depending on the size of the heap but that the majority of residents might not be able to afford this fee.

The Namibian observed that that there are at least two heaps of rubbish in most streets while there are also heaps of rubbish pilling up inside some yards.

Also, in the town near Standard Bank and next to OK Value Shop, there is a lot of rubbish.

The space next to OK Value Shop and the Small Business Enterprise building, right at the entrance to the town, is also an eyesore.

Khorixas is a gateway to many tourist destinations such as Palmwag Concession Area, home to the black rhino, the 200 million year old Petrified Forest and world heritage site at Twyfelfontein.

Public dustbins are uncommon and residents throw litter everywhere.

Source : The Namibian