Khorixas to Repair Swimming Pool

The Khorixas Town Council’s economic development officer, Ester Nanus, is calling upon investors and individuals to assist them in finding funding for the public swimming pool at the Welwitschia Recreational Hall.

After independence the town’s two swimming pools have been closed, forcing some residents to travel to Fransfontein settlement, situated more than 30 kilometres away, where they go to swim in the dam while some go to Khorixas Rest Camp but now the council wants to renovate one of the town’s two swimming pools for the residents.

According to Nanus, the organising committee of the Khorixas Expo has agreed to revamp the old swimming pool.

“These renovations are however subject to external funding. As part of this decision a request for quotations was made public. This is not a tender, it is merely a price request from experts in the field as to how much this work will cost, said Nanus.

“This would aid us in making sound estimates for our proposal for funding.

“Renovating this swimming pool is a big project and cannot be funded by Khorixas Town Council alone. This is why we decided to look for funding from our development partners in order to achieve this project.

“So far, the town council has had assistance and interest from local stakeholders, mainly Khorixas District Hospital and an American volunteer,” said Nanus.

The aim of the town council is to renovate and ultimately rent out the facility.

“We are not promising a tender at this stage. No contractor has been chosen to do the job. Once funding is secured, Khorixas Town Council will aertise through the right channels and all will be welcome to apply as per standard procedure,” said Nanus.

With the swimming pool project the town council wants to encourage local entrepreneurship to plug the leaks within the town’s economy but they also want quality services delivered.

Source : The Namibian